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Current Status (June 1, 2006) -- Epic of the Peloponnesian War has been released! It can be ordered directly from Clash of Arms at the link above.

The Epic of the Peloponnesian War

EPW cover The Epic of the Peloponnesian War (working title) is a recreation of the epic struggle between the city-states of Athens and Sparta in ancient Greece. The war begins with Athens at the height of its power, dominating the trade and politics of the entire Aegean, and dispensing the protection of its formidable navies to those "less fortunate" regions . . . for a price. What began as the Delian League, an Athenian-led alliance against Persia, has turned into an empire held together by the threat of force. All cities in the Athenian Empire are required to pay tribute to the government in Athens, and some are finding this tiresome in these calmer times.

Fearful of the growing power of the Athenians, many members of the Spartan-led Peloponnesian League have become increasingly hostile towards what they see as an Athenian bid to control all of Greece. The Spartan leadership of this League is based on the invincible reputation of their elite hoplite fighting force, which has never been defeated in open battle. However, the unity of the Peloponnesian League is hardly more secure than the Athenian Empire, as some members see more advantage in coming to terms with Athens than engaging in a prolonged war.

The stage is thus set for a war that spanned nearly thirty years in its entirety from first engagement in 431 BC to the eventual downfall of the Athens in 404. As the leader of the Athenian Empire, can you save Athens' glory from the Spartan onslaught? As the leader of the Peloponnesian League, can you free Greece from Athenian tyranny without destroying it in the process?


  • Two 22" x 34" full color maps spanning the Greek mainland to Asia Minor.
  • Innovative movement system elegantly combining area and hex movement.
  • Historical detail enhanced through the use of 120 Event Cards, including the crippling plague in Athens, the Sicilian Expedition, Persian support, rebellions, helot revolts, treachery, treason, omens, storms at sea, and more.
  • 50 historical leaders, including Pericles, Alcibiades, Cleon, and Lysander.
  • 8 scenarios, ranging from the introductory Argive League scenario, played on a section of the map using simplified rules, to the full 4-player Campaign Game covering the entire 30-year war.