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Empire cover

Release Date:

December 4, 2000


  • 22" x 34" full color map.
  • Over 300 mounted, full color, double-sided counters (1/2" and 1"). (Please note: the counters in this version are not diecut; you will have to cut them out yourself.)
  • 28 page rulebook.
  • 5 Chessex dice (2 white, 3 blue).
  • 3 reference sheets printed on heavy, durable stock ready for repeated abuse.
  • The game comes packaged in a lightweight box.
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Price: $35.00
Shipping & handling: $20.00 (USA) / $60.00 (overseas airmail - yes, it really is that high right now)

TOTAL: $55.00 ($95.00 for overseas orders)

We offer two convenient ways to order Empire:

  • If you have a credit card, you can use PayPal:

  • Send a check (US orders only please) made out to:

      Jonathan Iwamasa
    2444 Saybrook Rd.
    University Heights, OH 44118

    (Please allow 10 days processing for checks.)

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